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Finding your perfect cup of tea

There are many ways of finding your perfect cup of tea.

Tea has always been widely renowned for its benefit as a health supplement, so a lot people tend to decide purely through their health benefits. Another way is according to the time of day - do you prefer something to brighten up your morning? Something to freshen up the day? Or something to relax you in the evening?

But the classic way to find your perfect cuppa is to filter to your favourite by taste, trying to determine which flavour profile suits your palette best. Something classic, sweet, fruity, floral, herbal or maybe just simple and smooth? Here, you can find out how to find your favourite tea by flavour profile, but we will soon publish our guides on finding your favourite by health benefit, and by time of day.

With Milk or Without Milk?

We’ve noticed that one of the best ways to start figuring out your perfect tea by taste is with the age old question - do you prefer your tea with or without milk?

If you are one to prefer that creamier taste of tea with a splash of milk, we’d advise to explore the different kinds of unflavoured black teas, such as our Assam or Ceylon teas. This is generally because flavoured teas don’t pair very well with milk. But lots of people tend to enjoy some of the more subtle black tea blends with a splash of milk, such as English Breakfast and Earl Grey.

But one tea type that does pair beautifully with milk despite its strong flavour profile are the Chai teas, such as our Masala Chai. You get the creamy taste of a milky tea with a spicy undertone of the chai. Perfect with warmed milk and honey!

Last Idea for Milk Lovers - Genmaicha Latte

Speaking of warmed milk and honey, here's another interesting little idea for you.

For a more unique milky recipe, we suggest trying out a Genmaicha latte - just add frothed warm milk to half a cup of brewed Genmaicha green tea. and mix with a nice heaped spoonful of honey or brown sugar. The natural sweetness of toasted popcorn and honey, mixed with warm frothy milk makes for a perfect evening brew.

Classic or Flavoured Blend?

The next step is asking yourself whether you prefer classic tea blends, or those with a more unique flavour? For those of you not too familiar to teas, we would recommend starting with the classic blends. Why? Because these are the teas that have been renowned for decades for their distinct flavours, suitable for any time of day really, so we think its best to start here. These include English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lavender Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Darjeeling, Sencha, Peppermint, and Chamomile. We also recommend if you are having a little Afternoon Tea party to go with classic blends, as they are also renowned for accompanying afternoon tea finger food perfectly.

For those of you looking for something a little different to the classic blends. We ask you, what do you love in a drink generally? Something sweet? Citrusy? Something fruity? Maybe an undertone of rose? Cinnamony and spicy?

The main characteristics that make up the flavour profile of a tea are the taste notes, and the relative strength in taste of the flavours. So, we find that the best way to filter down to find your perfect cuppa in the wide range of flavour profiles would be to have a simple breakdown of each tea by taste notes and strength. You will also find some little tips on side add-ons to get the best out of each individual tea.

To shop any of these teas, just click here and you'll find our world of tea blends.

We hope this little tea taste guide has helped you find your perfect blend.

Thank you for reading!


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