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Earl Grey 

The Royal blend, a perfect tea to accompany afternoon tea. This wonderful blend has a delicate balance of bergamot, cornflower petals, natural oils and Ceylon tea. It also goes wonderfully with milk and sugar, or lemon.

Earl Grey_8.jpg

English Breakfast 

The classic. Our breakfast blend has Ceylon tea mixed with a blend of Kenyan teas and safflower petals to a produce a naturally malty taste - well complimented by milk and sugar, or lemon.

Lavender Earl Grey_11.jpg

Lavender Earl Grey 

A French twist on the classic Earl Grey blend. All of the best ingredients of Earl Grey, except brightened with light notes of French lavender - a house favourite.

Lady Grey 

This refreshing tea has a blend of naturally sun dried orange peel, cornflower petals and Thai lemongrass, adding a citrusy undertone to the base flavours of Earl Grey. A tea for any time of day.

Russian Earl Grey_5_edited_edited.jpg
Cream Earl Grey_4.jpg

Cream Earl Grey

Another member of the Earl Grey family, except this time with smooth creamy taste notes. Blended with natural vanilla, this blend adds a light touch of natural sweetness to the Earl Grey tea flavour. Also paired wonderfully with milk and sugar.


Another perfect afternoon tea blend. A muscatel base flavour with a light blackcurrant undertone creates a taste comparable to that of wine. 

Apricot & Peach_3_edited.jpg

Apricot & Peach

A fruity distinctive blend. Naturally dried peach, apricot and papaya are added with sunflower petals and calendula petals to Ceylon tea to create another house favourite. 

Black Rose

Aromatic and full bodied, this blend has floral base notes from fragrant rose petals and natural rose oils, balanced perfectly with a blend of Kenyan black teas.

Black Rose_6_edited.jpg
Gunpowder Mint_13.jpg

Moroccan Mint

A historical recipe blending Ceylon and Indian black tea leafs with refreshing 

peppermint leaves, producing an exuberant taste with a malty depth, and a cool tingle of peppermint.

Black Vanilla

A naturally sweet tea, as Ceylon tea is refreshed by natural vanilla, sunflower petals and grenadine - a house favourite.

Green Vanilla_3_edited.jpg

Caramel Cream

A dash of vanilla, pieces of caramel and butterscotch, calendula petals and sunflower petals are added to Ceylon tea to create a sweet, mellow tea with a delicious aftertaste. Great with milk and sugar.

Masala Chai

Inspired by the lively tastes of South Indian cuisines, the aromatic blend of Assam tea with spices and herbs from cardamom pods and ground cloves to ginger and cinnamon sticks creates a wonderfully vivid flavour.

Masala Chai_9.jpg

Cherry Rose Sencha

Our favourite green tea - Japanese Sencha tea leaves layered with rose petals, and naturally flavoured with cherry creating a light sweetness in addition to the rose undertone.



A unique infusion - sencha tea blended with sweet fire toasted rice, aka. 'the popcorn tea.' A natural flavour that complimented beautifully by honey and warmed milk.


Jasmine Lychee


A twist on the classic Jasmine Blossom, with light fruity notes. Pan fired Chunmee leaves infused with dried lychee fruit and jasmine blossoms.

Japan Sencha


A tea rich in flavour and subtle in its velvety character. This pan-fired and polished Japanese Sencha green tea goes wonderfully with mint, lemon or honey.

Japan Sencha_2.jpg
Red Berry_6.jpg

Red Berries & Hibiscus


A full-bodied blend of natural hibiscus petals, and dried berries creates a deep red infusion with a flavoursome berry character and honey-like undertone.

Egyptian Chamomile


A tea that produces blissful relaxation. A subtle flavour with an apple flavoured undertone and fragrance, renowned all over the world.

Almond & Cherry Rooibos_4_edited.jpg

Cherry Almond Rooibos


Premium Rooibos tea imbued with sweet almond slices, a hint of cherry leaving you with a vanilla aftertaste. Wonderfully refreshing and naturally sweet.

Vanilla Rooibos_3.jpg

Vanilla Rooibos


Totonac vanilla rooted with the rich flavour of Rooibos tea produces a fruity, full and sweet flavour and a wonderful aroma - a house favourite. 


Earl Grey Rooibos

A modern blend combining two classic flavours. Rooibos tea enriched with natural bergamot oil and cornflower petals. Earl Grey but with a honey bush finish. 


Apple Spiced Tea

A bold infusion of natural dried apple, hibiscus, ginger, cardamom, ground cloves, pepper and cornflower petals produces a fruity main character with a spiced crisp finish. 


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