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What is white tea?

Authentic white tea is the rarest and purest type of tea as it can only be picked for a few weeks of the year and is the least processed. No oxidation, rolling or steaming is required as the leaves are simply picked and dried. Made by selecting the youngest leaves and unopened buds which are delicately lined with small silvery hair. White tea is primarily praised for its antioxidant and detoxifying benefits,

as well as it’s naturally sweet, dewy flavour.


Chinese Pai Mu Tan


Picked and withered in the early Spring, this refreshing white tea is smooth to the palate and velvety in flavour. Layers of mellow, earthy tones, highlighted by the soft notes of jam, similar of Keemun, and a distinctly natural floral taste.

This is a pale and elegant infusion, considered to be a rare treat for the tastebuds. 


Pai Mu Tan Grade 1

(White Peony)



Fujian Province, China


Lightly sweet with floral tone

Earl White


The virtually untouched process of making white tea accentuates the purity of flavour in this light, delicate floral blend. The characteristic essence of Earl Grey imbues its' distinctive bergamot aroma and fragrant taste of Earl Grey. Perfect brew for a lavish little lift of citrus sweetness, balanced with fine floral flavour.


Pai Mu Tan Grade 1

(White Peony)


Fujian Province, China


Citrus hints of Earl Grey 


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